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Charlotte. How Much More Can She Take?
Sexy redhead Charlotte is bound in the gym and masturbating by riding a big black dildo. She gets nice and wet as she rides her toy and she gets a little POV help from her workout partner. How much more can she take before she cums all over that dildo? Well, you'll just have to watch and see!

5:3 Video


Charlotte Bound Gym Masturbation
Charlotte again proves how innovative she is when it comes to masturbating in the gym. Sure, she's restrained and the big black dildo is already in place, but you can't tell me the sexy redhead didn't have a hand in setting this up!

5:1 Video


Lacey Loves Masturbating in the Gym
I was trying to give this video a clever title, when it donned on me, "Why?" Lacey loves to masturbate in the gym, and she loves to be watched doing it. I think when you watch her rub her big clit you'll agree. Sure, she loves showing of her ripped biceps and vasucalr quads - but its her pussy she REALLY loves to show!

6:13 Video


Lacey Keeps Messing Up Her Posing
Super ripped female bodybuilder Lacey is in trouble again. Seems this time she kept messing up her posing. So her trainer bound her up and decided to teach her a lesson. He must have forgotten how much Lacey loves to be restrained, because by the end of this video she is on the ground, fingers all over her big clit and wet pussy.

5:30 Video


Dani Andrews and BrandiMae - Muscle Lesbians Bound Together By Lust
Female bodybuilder BrandiMae can’t escape the clutches of Dani Andrews. She has to obey her tattooed mistress, who has bound her up, worships her muscles and pecs, vascular biceps, legs, and ripped abs, and masturbates Brandi's pussy with a vibrator while you watch.

5:55 Video


Lacey - Deep Squats, Deep Throat
Lacey is special, but you already know that. Again she continues to amaze us. Lacey gets so turned on by her caning that she simply must show us her deep throat skills. You'll be in awe as she takes a huge mounted dildo all the way down her throat over and over. This woman has skills! Makes us wonder what she's gonna do next!?!

7:6 Video


Lazy Lacey Learns To Go Deep
Lacey has been uncharacteristically lazy at the gym today - she was NOT going deep enough on her squats. Her trainer is very displeased with her and doesn't mind demonstrating his displeasure. He begins to cane her glutes, quads, and back every time she fails to perform her move the appropriate way. Lacey takes her caning like a sport - almost too well. Like she enjoys it! Watch and see for yourself.

7:4 Video


Charlotte is Bound, Wet, and Fucked
Charlotte has just had her clit vibrated with a strap on wand and now she is bound with a dripping wet pussy. What's a girl to do? Well, Charlotte's POV admirer helps her out by fucking her fast and hard with a big black dildo.

5:8 Video


Charlotte is Bound and Vibed
Sexy Charlotte is bound in the gym and experience pleasure from a different kind of strap-on. Charlotte's POV worshipper has rigged a wand vibrator in a strap-on harness and is giving Charlotte a delicious combination of pleasure and pain. Lovely!

5:4 Video


Mandy Foxx Is Free. Now She Can Masturbate!
Now that mature Mandy is free from her restraints, she set out to satisfy her need to cum. Thankfully she has her handy dandy vibrator near by and proceeds to fuck herself until she's good and tired. She even sucks her pussy juice from the vibrator. Lovely!

5:21 Video


Mature Mandy Foxx Bound For Her Pleasure
I know what you're thinking, does he mean "Bound For Your Pleasure"? After you watch this video you'll know WHY it's bound for HER pleasure. Simply said, Mandy loves being tied up and restrained. It makes her mature pussy all wet and she can't wait to shove her silver vibrator deep inside of herself.

6:13 Video


Claire - "Breathe, breathe, breathe..."
Claire is having a hard time adapting to the nipple clamps that have been applied to her. She is in obvious pain, even reminding herself to "Breathe, breathe, breathe...". She really flips out when her captor decides he wants to put a clamp on her clit. Will he do it? You'll just have to watch and see.

7:41 Video


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